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Their Story
Their Story

Megan and Jeremy

Jeremy and Megan met four years ago while participating in Camp Adventure. At the time, Jeremy was a hot commodity in the Camp Adventure community among all of the veterans and new trainees. Megan was a lowly, unknown newbie barely a bleep on Jeremy's radar despite being a trainee in Jeremy's group. Megan, however, knew a great deal about Jeremy and had spent numerous hours listening to Garth Brooks in hopes she would get the one necessary moment required to catch Jeremy's attention. Then, during a group event held at the OP, Jeremy was about to leave the event when he asked the group if anyone needed a ride home. This was the moment Megan had been hoping for. Waiting impatiently for a sign of interest she was sadly let down again. She knew then she must take things into her own hands.

She asked one of her outspoken friends to invite Jeremy to a cancer fundraiser at Mojo's. Jeremy, never being one to miss an opportunity to beat cancer and enjoy an alcoholic beverage at the same time, showed up knowing that Megan had taken an interest in him. Impatiently he waited hoping he was correct in remembering this girl was a 10, and she had a sense of humor. When Jeremy had spent approximately 20-30 minutes waiting for the group to arrive he finally decided to head for the door. At the same moment, Megan arrived...

A few weeks later, Jeremy and Megan became "facebook official" after a night spent listening to S Club 7, in a rain storm, in Kacie's SUV. Thanks Kacie! Since then, we have been together through continental separations, student teaching, and living in Apartment B!